Spell Bee Competition

An Inter house Spell-Bee Competition was organized on 6 July, 15 at Stanford International School. All the students of Classes I-III were given an equal opportunity to represent their houses at Intra Class Levels.

The Competition generated a great deal of excitement. It was a competition named “Power Spell” where each participant was asked to spell 15-20 words. The competition was well received by the students. They participated with great enthusiasm. Every participant is proved a good speller.
Results for the same are as follows:

Class I A
1st- Bhavika, Akshat, Nikunj Hans, Vansh
2nd- Hunny
3rd-Mohit, Yashika

Class II A
1st- Ojasvi, Suhaan, Saksham
2nd- Sharad, Aryan
3rd- Bhavishya

Class III A
1st- Sameer, Vansh, Srishti, Chhavi, Mahi, Armaan, Saksham, Aadarsh, Riya, Vanshika
2nd- Kanika
3rd- Deepti, Krrish

Class I B
1st- Arpita, Charvi, Mukul
3rd-Ayushi, Rijul

Class II B
1st- Tanushka
2nd-Prateek Antil, Daksh Antil
3rd- Anirudh

Class III B
1st- Mayank, Ridhi, Akhil, Om Tyagi