Stanford is an initiative of Group of Academicians, Most of Management & Board members are Professors and Doctorate in different subjects like Management, Education, Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology etc. They are a combination of highly experienced Academic Administrator, eminent Academicians, Trainers and Professionals with expertise in handling all aspect of education. Stanford is Unique of schools designed curriculum to see Indian culture and environment. Our value system is very rich but now a days we are going far from our value system and blindly adopting foreign system of education which is not practically suitable to our society but we copy it blindly no doubt some things are good and bad in very system, we should take only good part of system. So in Stanford we have blend of worldwide technological best education practices with our value system. We at Stanford made efforts to create world of happiness & satisfaction not just of the children but also their parents. We at Stanford are dedicated to providing children a creatively stimulating and nurturing place of excellence where their growth is self propelled and they can be themselves, as they revel in the joy of childhood. We provide the opportunities and tools each child needs to grow in to a happy, secure, independent and knowledgeable individual.


Our group is imparting quality education from Pre-Primary to Post Graduate level from more than 24 years. We are team of well qualified Professional & Academicians working in top Academic institutions at school level (top IPSC Schools) to Post Graduate level Institutions like IIM, IIT, and NIT etc. At present Our Group & Team members are running Technical Institutions , CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary Schools and chain of Pre –Schools , Skill development programs of Govt of India schemes. Our Board members are from top Academic institution of India like IIM, IIT, NIT, and also from Apex body of Education like UGC, AICTE, NCTE, CBSE etc. Based on experience of education of our Managing Director, Prof V.K. KOHLI feels that there is vacuum of quality institutions at all level specially in semi urban and urban areas. This sector is totally neglected and there is lot of scope of quality institutions if at affordable cost. We at Stanford want to give opportunities where child can be happily innovate & create their imagination. There should not be pressure on child and it should be through flexible method like house competitions. Prof V.K.KOHLI believes that school education is most important and should be available at low cost so that everyone can afford it. In childhood age child learns imbibe very fast & quickly. At present quality school education available is very costly for lower middle class and lower class. It should be matched with quality and cost and should be affordable to everyone. Stan ford schools chain is designed to keep in mind needs of every segment of society. Our Franchise options are suitable to every sect of society and depending on affordability, Quality education is right of every child in respective of area and location and class. We at Stanford are committed to cater all level of students with our unique franchise options available at affordable cost depending on many factors but major factor is Philosophy & ideology of group. As we have already mentioned in our vision & mission statement our stress is on world class quality education at affordable cost.